Introducing the Restful Pump® Chair Say goodbye to uncomfortable pumping sessions
Reserve it now!
Introducing the Restful Pump® Chair Say goodbye to uncomfortable pumping sessions
Reserve it now!
Restful Pump Chair Upright headrest on

Rest or Multitask
While Using Any Breast Pump

Helping moms relax in a comfortable forward-leaning ergonomic position to relax while they pump hands-free and rest or multitask.

Learning how to make breast pumping more comfortable can be the difference between the longevity of pumping or giving up pumping altogether.

Why The Restful Pump® Chair

Restful Pump® is creating an entire line of products that are currently missing from the breast pumping market.

Gravity reduced positioning for spine

(neck and shoulder) health for repeated / prolonged pumping sessions.

Protective seat belt

to ensure safety while resting or sleeping.

Hind wheels option

to add for easy maneuverability in the home.

Fold up capabilities

for storage. Weighs less than 50#.

Travel case with cooler

for pumped milk and pockets for the users pump and pump accessory included.

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Use Gravity

First forward-leaning, breast pumping design encourages the use of gravity while pumping.

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May Promote Relaxation

Our comfortable and supportive design allows you to relax and rest while pumping, promoting stress reduction and overall well-being.

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Proper Ergonomics

Promotes full body positioning and helps to maintain a full body position for repeated / prolonged pumping sessions.

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Secure bottle holders

Rest assured with our adjustable and lockable bottle slide holders that keep your bottles in place, allowing for hands-free pumping.

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Plush adjustable padding

Sink into the soft and supportive chest & tummy pads and plush adjustable headrest for ultimate pumping comfort.

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Looking For a Relaxing Breast Pumping Solution?

Start your breastfeeding journey in comfort while relaxing with supportive body positioning. This chair is available in limited supply.
  1. Reserve your chair for Purchase.
  2. Monthly leasing fee + deposit 
  3. Participate in the 4-week Feedback Leasing Program for over 50% off the 1st month. (Extended rentals available at MSRP monthly lease rate.)
Create vital nutrients for your baby while in a restorative posture with Restful Pump!
What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

For a limited time we are offering over 50% off the first month lease for participants that provide daily feedback on our survey platform.

  1. Share 1x-daily Restful Pump Chair feedback after at least 1 pump session/day.
  2. Duration: 4 weeks
  3. Over 50% off 1st month lease, extended chair lease available for MSRP  monthly lease rate.
*Extended chair rentals can be arranged.

Learn more about the Feedback Program.

Yes, you can put down the security deposit and let us know who is receiving the chair during the checkout process.  We’ll send you an email on how your relative or friend can access their account.


Revolutionize your breastfeeding journey with the
Restful Pump® Chair – the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and productivity!