Restful Pump® Chair Reservation


$200 Reserves your chair with your first month’s rent

When your chair is available, we will notify you that the chair is ready and you will be asked to sign up for your monthly subscription and put down a security deposit. Learn more about our monthly rental subscription here.


Rest or Multitask While Using Any Type of Breast Pump

  • Helping moms relax in a comfortable forward-leaning ergonomic position to pump hands-free and rest or multitask.
  • Learning how to make breast pumping more comfortable and productive can be the difference between the longevity of pumping or giving up pumping altogether.


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You put down your first month’s rent of $200 today to reserve your chair!



Restful Pump® Chair allows women to rest or multitask while using any type of breast pump. The ergonomic positioning facilitates productive pumping sessions.


Restful Pump® Chair Fits Your Needs and Situation!

  • The Restful Pump® Chair comes with a removable headrest cushion and headrest base for cleaning.
  • The seat cushions have varying heights for comfort.
  • There is an additional plush Core/Chest support that is also removable.
  • The whole unit adjusts to either a 60-degree upright position or 45 degree resting position with an ergonomic positioning to facilitate relaxation.
  • Table can be adjusted to be flat, downwards, or completely folded vertically.
  • Headrest can be adjusted for maximum relaxation during each session or removed completely when you need to be working on a task.
  • Works with most breast pumps and bottles from 4oz to 9 oz and up to 3” diameter and any height. *
  • Chair folds and disassembles for storage.
  • Current model of the chair has been tested to fit women from 5’1” to 5’11”. Individual results may vary.
  • The current model of the chair has been tested to hold up to 255 lbs. Individual results may vary.

If you have concerns or questions about whether you would be able to fit in the chair, please contact us.

The Restful Pump® Chair Adjusts to Every Body Type

  • You can adjust the Restful Pump Chair into 7 positions making it the most versatile breast pumping system.
  • The main height of the chair is adjustable up to 4”.
  • Headrest adjusts vertically with 4” of adjustability, pivot to any angle, and adjust closer or further from your face (1.5” adjustability) or remove completely.
  • Bottle holders are adjustable to fit cup sizes A-H (for an overall adjustability of 3.5”)

Restful Pump® Chair is made out of:

  • Durable Black Upholstery made from vinyl (PVC) for easy wipe downs and plush foam pads for comfort.
  • The chair sits on a powder-coated aluminum frame.
  • Cushions are made of multi-layer foam (100% Polyethylene).

Restful Pump® Chair dimensions

  • Fits in a 45” X 20” space.
  • Height up to approximately 55” with headrest (floor to top of headrest).
  • Weight:
    • Chair: – 27.5 lbs.
    • Table: – 2 lbs.
    • Carrying case: – 7.5 lbs.
    • Weight of box: – 7.8 lbs.
    • Estimated total shipping weight: – 50 lbs.
    • Note: Shipped package is a 2 person lift and the assembly and dismantle is a 2-person lift. Please don’t break the mama’s back.

* Note: Breast pump, breast pump accessories like bottles and computer shown in pictures are not included.