Restful Pump® Chair Feedback Program


Welcome to the Generation 1.0 Restful Pump® Chair Feedback Program for our first of its kind forward-leaning, ergonomic positioning system for hands-free breast pumping! 

Secure your chair with a reservation and create an account to keep track of when your chair will be available as well as information about participating in our 1-month Feedback Program.

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Feedback Expectations:

  • Provide feedback from full pump sessions, both in the upright, and the forward leaning position during the duration of the Feedback Program.
  • Participants will use their own breast pump and their own accessories.
  • Feedback must be given once a day during the 1-month commitment and then participant can either continue to rent the chair via our monthly subscription or return it.
  • Find the survey link in your account on
  • Offer constructive feedback for each pump session in the multiple choice and open text fields.
  • Please contact Customer Service at or (978) 737-8385 regarding any questions or concerns.

Enjoy more than 50% off your first month and security deposit for Feedback Program Participants.

Conclusion of the 1-Month Feedback Program

After 1 month, you have the option to return the chair or continue renting in our monthly subscription plan.  Please contact us at the end of your Feedback Program timeline to let us know your intentions.

If you choose to buy your chair, please contact customer support at

Your comfort, production, and feedback matter to us!

The Restful Pump Team

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